Effective Corporate Video

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These 6 Keys to effective use of video assures a return on your video investment:

1. Like a structural foundation, start with a solid outline of your goals, your crystallized message, a solid first draft script and storyboard

2. A final script that layouts out all details about the final video from narrative to the map of visuals to cover your narrative.

3. A production plan for a location and/or studio shoot that will deliver professional quality video, within your budget and schedule constraints.

4. A quality video edit that will marry all the content including live video footage, graphics, titles and animations, narration, cutaways and B-Roll materials.

5. Plan for encoding the video for use in a variety of venues, including your PowerPoint presentations, YouTube, your website, DVDs, and busIness card CDs.

6. Keep your videos short.  Unless providing technical instruction or training, videos should be short, 1-3 minutes long.  If you keep the pace of the video up and the length down, your whole message will be seen more often.

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